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Northwest Ohio Combat Pistol Club




We are now holding our matches as life is getting back to normal. 

Our hosts at Fulton County Sportsman Club have also begun to start most activities.

Stay safe stay vigilant help people like pro gun people always do, hope to see you all at the our next match.


Best Regards





Northwest Ohio Combat Pistol Club is Northwest Ohio’s oldest action pistol club with its roots dating back to 1980.

It has always strived for four basic elements Safety, Accuracy, Speed, and Fun. We are affiliated with USPSA all our club matches are run under their formats. We are part of USPSA area Five. We are currently operating out of Fulton County Sportsman Club in Wauseon Ohio for all outdoor events.

All indoor events are hosted by The Bullet Stop near Graytown.  Maps are embedded on our location tab.

Scheduled matches April-November 2nd Sunday of the Month unless noted on the schedule page.

All of our Range Officers are NROI trained.

We have a mixture of veteran, intermediate and new shooters which affords everyone a chance to learn at their own pace.

USPSA has a great format for competitions that promote the skills that help a new shooter succeed in this sport.

Scheduled matches fall on the second Sunday of the month unless otherwise noted on the schedule page.

Scheduled setup day falls on the second Saturday of the month unless otherwise noted on the schedule page.

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